Your Health

Take Good Care of Yourself...
Get an annual mammogram at 40 years and over.

Clinical Breast Exam:
Ages 20-39 - every 3 years
Age 40 and over - annually

Breast Self-Exam:
Age 20 and over - monthly

For a free Self-Exam & Awareness Kit in English/Spanish, call WCA Wellness at (716) 664-8619.

Chautauqua County Partners for Prevention offers no cost mammograms to all women who qualify. BE A SURVIVOR, call 1-800-506-9185.

The WCA Wellness Program's mission is to provide excellent, comprehensive, high quality health education and disease prevention programs that focus on the needs of the community and WCA employees.

Our Intention is Prevention!

The Wellness Program reaches over 12,000 people annually through screenings, presentations and various programs. The professional staff works extensively with area businesses, schools, community agencies, service groups, individuals of all ages and other healthcare facilities.

Click here to learn more about the Wellness Programs offered.

Healthy Lifestyle Basics

  • Eat Right - Low fat/High fiber foods
    ...Balance - Variety - Moderation
  • Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes
    ...Check with your doctor first
  • Manage Your Stress
    ...Learn to relax
  • Maintain your Ideal Body Weight
  • Monitor and Control
    ...Blood pressure
    ...Blood cholesterol
  • See Your Doctor regularly for checkups
  • Have Regular Screenings for:
    ...Colon Cancer
  • Don't Smoke or Chew Tobacco

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